About US



SARKAR e MOTION began with the journey in 2015 when a reputed businessman Mr. Subimal Sircar started his film projects. Later on SARKAR e MOTION joined hands with one of the most emerging brands of Mumbai – Seventh Rex Dimension Films Private Limited (7RDFILMS), to enhance its creative reach. SARKAR e MOTION & 7RDFILMS is actively involved in Production, and acquisition of content. Our strength lies in leveraging our Network to promote and package the films we release. The Company is really unique where creative drive, film output and production services could be found in one place and under one management. Our Mantra is, where there is content, we are there to back the same.

Our first production venture is “Antor Shotta” starring the legend Soumitra Chatterjee along with Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Rajdeep Sarkar, Gitashree Roy, Indranil Mullick, Tulika Basu, Debashish Ganguly and others. Directed by immensely talented Rik Chatterjee. “Antor Shotta” has already been branded a path-breaking film in Indian Cinema. “Antor Shotta” is a milestone movie which has motivated and propelled SARKAR e MOTION & 7RDFILMS’s endeavor to reach pinnacles of success in the movie making business. Before this project we had produced a E-Riksaw commercial AD which covers most of the Bengali TV channels.



We thrives to exceed our customers’ expectations with the dream to create moments that tells the story of collective imagination to craft great stories, unforgettable characters and to push the boundaries of film making with advanced technology SARKAR e MOTION has joined hands with 7RDFILMS to create those movies that matter. Not just for the society even for ourselves that we can grow as persons. SARKAR e MOTION & 7RDFILMS is a team that has a common goal and mission to bring in those movies that matters in both Hindi and Bengali Language. We offer film, video, media and web content production options under one roof to surplus all other production facilities. We envision is to build a creative studio which will contribute immensely to the enriched Indian Film Industry as a whole and open up new dimensions in the art of film making.



The story began with a short film, written and directed by Sreeram Raja, Managing Director of Seventh Rex Dimension Films Private Limited with Rajdeep Sarkar in the lead of SARKAR e MOTION. Beginning was small and humble but it developed the seed of a vision to paint quality films on the screen that would leave a permanent mark in the mind map of audiences. Rajdeep Sarkar believes in content and reshaping a character from good to better where as Sreeram Raja believes in drawing inspiration not just from real life but also bringing the fairy into real life because that gives happiness to people.

Rajdeep Sarkar and Sreeram Raja believes in creating moments that enter the collective imagination by crafting great stories, creating indelible characters, and continuing to push the boundaries of film making with technological advances. The foundations and aspirations of SARKAR e MOTION & 7RDFILMS remain true to those established by our visionary founders and their endeavor to create something special continue to be our inspiration. Our passion and entrepreneurial culture ensures that we deliver exciting and entertaining productions for our audiences forever.


As the digital revolution unleashes a revolution by reshaping all aspects of the entertainment industry, SARKAR e MOTION & 7RDFILMS remains on the forefront, embracing new technologies that take our audience deeper into our films. From heart touching dramas to thrillers with visual effects that make the audiences awestruck, our mission remains to present original and wonderful creations. To make quality driven feature films, documentary films, AD- films and other cinematographic films that would bring a positive change in our surroundings.